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Historical Kasbah Ait Omar is an impressive example of the superb work of Moroccan adobe home-builders whose skills have been passed down the generations. Originally, the house was just built of natural materials. We decided to convert and renovate it as far as possible to its “original state”.


Purity and a return to nature are our top priorities. For this reason we try as far as possible to avoid using chemical and synthetic materials in our Kasbah, favouring natural materials instead.


Sustainability and conservation of resources are important to us. We use renewable energy from the sun, for instance, to heat all the warm water we use. We set great store on energy saving. We not only use water-saving taps but have also done away with a daily room service. We want to play a part in ensuring that tourism treats this beautiful region with respect. We also want to give something back to the people here and their country instead of just taking from them.


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